Standards and Benchmarks

The New Hampton Community School District is located in New Hampton, Iowa, which is in the northeast corner of the state. The population of 3800 is almost exclusively white, and only recently has enjoyed the influx of a few hundred people of the Spanish heritage. 

The district serves the following communities: Boyd, Ionia, Alta Vista, North Washington, Jericho, and New Hampton. Approximately sixty percent of the students come to school on buses. The New Hampton Community School District is structured: Elementary School (PK-5), Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12), and the Education Options Program (Alternative School). In addition, the district has an early childhood program, The Learning Center, for the young children in the district. The high school receives students from St. Joseph Catholic School, which is located in New Hampton. 

The low pupil-teacher ratio in the early grades and the innovative programs of the district are the reasons for its ongoing success. A quality school board and staff have helped earn and maintain this reputation for excellence. The people of this district, the students, and the parents make up the heart and spirit of this district. 

The district regularly revisits the curriculum of every discipline area to ensure that it is clearly articulated and aligned K-12. The district's content standards in the specific curricular areas, such as reading, language arts, mathematics, health, science, and social studies, demonstrate a commitment to providing a strong foundational core of learning. 

In addition, the district strives to maintain a rich tradition in the fine arts, world language, physical education, and school counseling. The academic curriculum and the aesthetic and athletic activities of this district insure a well-rounded education for the focused student who walks through the doors of the New Hampton Community School District .