Early Childhood

Preschool Program
New Hampton Community School District

The Learning Center of the New Hampton Community School District believes that all young children can succeed. The program emphasizes the whole child in a supportive, nurturing environment, which encourages the development of a positive self-concept. The children develop cognitively, socially, physically, and emotionally in their own time and in their own way. The Center provides experiences and activities that are developmentally appropriate for the age and individuality of each child. Children are given the opportunity to act mentally (minds-on) as well as physically (hands-on) with their activities and to reason about the results. They are allowed to exercise choice as a building block to decision-making and problem-solving strategies. The program values and respects the diversity in children and builds on individual differences. The Center promotes success for young children as they move into new experiences.

Program Goals
The Learning Center complies with the national standards calling for a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

The program goals of The Learning Center are:

 To provide a comfortable, safe, and stable environment. 
• To enrich and challenge children’s thinking through an environment rich with quality learning materials and activities.
• To develop self-discipline, and self-direction toward purposeful activities. 
• To enhance children’s language development and creative expression through literacy activities, and experiences. 
• To meet the nutritional and health needs of the children through nutritional snacks and physical play. 
• To empower parents by involving them as partners with teachers in supporting their child’s development. 
• To increase motivation and openness to new experiences and future transitions. 
• To provide positive social interactions through many opportunities to talk, help, cooperate, negotiate, and share during play.
May 29, 2015, 11:09 AM