School Board of Directors

 Name  Position  Email  Website
 Damian Baltes  Vice President/Director - District 2  
 Timothy Denner  Director - At-Large  
 Jay Matthews  Director - District 1  
 Joe Rosonke  President/Director - District 1  
 Nathaniel Schwickerath  Director - District 2  

District Staff

 Name  Position  Email  Website
 Jay Jurrens  Superintendent  
 Bob Ayers  Purchasing Agent and Board Secretary  
 Sue Bouska  Secretary  
 Alice Miller  Secretary  
 Linda Tiemessen  School Nurse  
 Mary Frese  Technology Director  
 Jeremiah Cantu  Technology Specialist  
 Kyle Hennessy Community Relations Representative
 Kelly Matthews  English Language Learning  
 Jeff Monteith  Extended Learning Program  
 Karen Kayser-Kemp  District TLC  
 Michelle Hoy  District TLC  
 Jeannie Pfaffle  District TLC  
 Tami Tomkins District Librarian 

High School Staff

 Name  Position  Email  Website
 Justin Adam  High School Band Director  Website
 Kristina Anderson  High School Business Teacher  
 Kathleen Ayers  High School Business Teacher  
 Donna Baltes  High School Associate  
 Jill Cantu  High School Choir Director  Website
 Caleb Ciavarelli High School Physical Education Teacher 
 John Connor  High School English Teacher  
 Scott Frerichs  High School Mathematics Teacher  
 William Glenn  Educational Options Teacher  
 Maggie Konecne  High School English Teacher  
 Nick Hemann  Chickasaw Academy Instructor  
 Michelle Kipp  High School Guidance Counselor  Website
 Mike Kuennen  High School CTE Teacher  
 Judy Lechtenberg  High School Resource Teacher  
 Amy Leistikow  High School Science Teacher  
 Tisha Macon  High School Spanish Teacher  
 Ashley Mattke  High School Agricultural Education Teacher  
 Cory McDonald  High School Social Studies Teacher  
 Karen McGrath  High School Main Office Secretary  
 Rick Meisner  High School English Teacher  
 Melissa Nelson  High School Art Teacher  Website
 Eric Olson  High School Social Studies Teacher  
 Chad Pemble  High School Science Teacher  
 Jamie Quass  High School Science Teacher  
 Jordan Richards  High School Mathematics Teacher  
 James Russ  High School Agricultural Education Teacher  
 Sandra Russ  High School Special Education Teacher  
 April Schmitt  High School Consumer Science Teacher  
 Brad Schmitt  High School Athletic and Activities Director  
 Erica Schmitt  High School Activities Office Secretary  
 Susie Troyna  High School Associate  
 Sarah Updegraff  High School Principal  
 Kris Ward  High School Spanish Teacher  Website
 Sue Weiglein  High School Library Media Associate  
 Kathleen Wickman  High School Resource Teacher  

Middle School Staff

 Name  Position  Email  Website
 Jenny Adam  Middle School Band Director  Website
 Lisa Aegerter  Middle School Main Office Secretary  
 ZoAnn Bear  Middle School Resource Teacher  
 Kristie Brincks  Middle School Resource Teacher  
 Jill Cantu  Middle School Choir Director  Website
 Abigail Feldman  Middle School English Teacher  
 Mary Frese  Middle School Technology Teacher  
 Jessica Geerts  Middle School Math Teacher  
 Jenn Gilbert  Middle School Special Education Teacher  
 Marilyn Grote  Middle School Associate  
 Shelby Egemo Middle School English Teacher  
 Jeanne Hruska  Middle School Library Media Associate  
Lorraine Dunagan  Middle School Art Teacher  
 Jeanette Laures  Middle School English Teacher  
 Patty Lenehan  Middle School Associate  
 Matt Manson  Middle School Principal  
 Joanne McAvoy  Middle School Guidance Counselor  
 Cynthia Moore  Middle School Physical Education Teacher  
 Kim Olson  Middle School Math Teacher  
 Anita Quirk  Middle School Science Teacher  
 Kayla Reetz  Middle School General Music Teacher  
 Carolin Remmen  Middle School Resource Teacher  
 Amanda Rodgers  Middle School Science Teacher  
 Jason Rude  Middle School Social Studies Teacher  
 Brian Schmitt  Middle School Physical Education Teacher  
 Tanya Scott  Middle School Math Teacher  
 Ashley Shipp  Middle School Math Teacher  
 Melissa Sinnnwell Middle School Social Studies Teacher 
 Erin Snyder  Middle School English Teacher  
 Diane Sumner  Middle School Associate4  
 Nancy Willadsen  Middle School Associate  
 Diane Zweibahmer  Middle School Library Specialist  

Elementary School Staff

 Name  Position  Email  Website
 Sara Baltes  Elementary School Teacher  
 Sheryl Bruch  Elementary School Main Office Secretary  
 Cheri Demaray  Elementary School Teacher  
 Lorraine Dunagan Elementary School Art Teacher 
 LeAnn Durnan  Elementary School Associate  
 Miranda Eichenberger  Elementary School Teacher  
 Brenda Lansing  Elementary School Principal  
 Patty Hammel  Elementary School Associate  
 Cheryl Hart  Elementary School Associate  
 Janet Heeren  Elementary School Teacher  
 Kim Hennessy  Elementary School Teacher  
 Jeanne Hruska  Elementary School Library Media Associate  
 Shawn Hulbert  Elementary School Associate  
 Amber Junk  Elementary School Teacher  
 Brittany Knipper  Elementary School Teacher  
 Theresa Knutson  Elementary School Teacher  
 Donna Kramer  Elementary School Associate  
 Ruth Kuehn  Elementary School Associate  
 Julie Lang  Elementary School Associate  
 Gladys Martin  Elementary School Teacher  
 Karen Messersmith  Elementary School Associate  
 Cynthia Moore  Elementary School Teacher  
 Joyce Mueterthies  Elementary School Teacher  
 Amy Newbrough  Elementary School Teacher  
 Susan Nosbisch  Elementary School Teacher  
 Carolyn Nuss  Elementary School Teacher  
 Dennis Pagel  Elementary School Teacher  
 Kayla Reetz  Elementary Music Teacher  
 Michelle Reicks  Elementary School Teacher  
 Lynn Ries  Elementary School Teacher  
 Christy Roethler  Elementary School Main Office Secretary  
 Jolene Rosonke  Elementary School Teacher  
 Angie Rowan  Elementary School Teacher  
 Brian Schmitt  Elementary School Physical Ed Teacher  
 Shirley Schueller  Elementary School Associate  
 Lynette Schwickerath  Elementary School Teacher  
 Laurie Sorensen  Elementary School Associate  
 Jill Stille  Elementary School Teacher  
 Barb Taylor  Elementary School Guidance Counselor  
 Stefanie Throndson  Elementary School Teacher  
 Gretchen Wenthold  Elementary School Teacher  
 Jamie Wickham  Elementary School Teacher  
 Kirstin Widell  Elementary School Teacher  
 Angie Wuchter  Elementary School Associate  

Food Service Staff

 Name  Position  Email  Website
 Cheryl Anderson  Food Service Associate  
 Elaine Beatty  Food Service Associate  
 Leslie Bumba  Food Service Associate  
 Jodi Cerwinske  Food Service Director  
 Theresa Glaser  Food Service Associate  
 Arlene Kuhn  Food Service Associate  
 Madonna Laures  Food Service Associate  
 Brenda Parks  Food Service Associate  
 Mary Jo Parson  Food Service Associate  
 Terri Phillips  Food Service Associate  
 Pat Praska  Food Service Associate  
 Kristen Reicks  Food Service Associate  
 Rita Roberson  Food Service Associate  
 Leah Schwickerath  Food Service Associate  
 Kathy Shekleton  Food Service Associate  

Custodial Staff

 Name  Position  Email  Website
 John Bear  Head Custodian  
 Leo Dowd  Custodian  
 Norbert Geerts  Custodian  
 Glen Kuehn  Custodian  
 Zach Prouty  Custodian  
 Bill Richter  Custodian  
 Rich Tenge  Custodian  
 Cody Wilker  Custodian  

Bus Drivers

 Name  Position  Email  Website
 Jackie Andera  Bus Driver  
 Audrey Dowd  Bus Driver  
 Leo Dowd  Bus Driver  
 Julius Drewelow  Bus Driver  
 Karen Ellsworth  Bus Driver  
 Helen Geerts  Bus Driver  
 Kay Koenigsfeld  Bus Driver  
 Diane Lentz  Bus Driver  
 Jim Mettner  Bus Driver  
 Tim Nosbisch  Bus Driver  
 Christy Roethler  Transportation Secretary  
 Tom Zeien  Bus Driver