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Lettermen Club

2014-2015 Officers


A NHHS "letter" must be awarded a student before he is eligible for membership. The purpose of the club is to further the cause of better athletic, music, and academic programs, to encourage higher standards of training and academics and to make membership in the organization a source of pride and honor for NHHS students. Please refer to the Lettermen Club By-Laws for more specific information. Also, please read the attendance policy as well. Students interested in becoming a member of the Lettermen's Club should contact 
Mr. Pagel.

Annual Dues: $7.00 (due by a date determined by the sponsor-Mr. Pagel)

Scholarship Information

The Lettermen Club sponsors two scholarships. They are worth  $250 eachThemembership votes on these scholarships. All seniors, that are members of the Lettermen Club, are eligible for these scholarships.

New Hampton Lettermen Club By-Laws 


Membership: Any male who has earned a major letter in a varsity sport participating as an athlete or manager is eligible to become a member. Also any male who has lettered in music or band is eligible to become a member.

Officers Elected: Officers are nominated from the senior class members of the club and voted for at out first organizational meeting of the year.  Offices are held for a one year term.

Officers voted for include: President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer

Annual Dues$7.00 (subject to change by club sponsors) All dues paid are nonrefundable.

Scholarship Sponsorships: The Lettermen Club will sponsor two $250scholarships annually to senior members of the Lettermen Club at graduation, based on the top two vote recipients nominated for the awards.

Attendance Policy: Failure to attend two meetings, which areunexcused, will result in expulsion from the club. Absences may be excused if members notify club sponsors in advance if they will be unable to attend the meeting for acceptable reasons

Participation: Participation in all fundraising events is not required due to limited responsibilities; however, all members are REQUIRED to participate in at least two fundraisers for the club to be eligible to participate in the “club social” at the end of the year.(ie: pizza party, club trip, etc.) NOTE:Also all members are REQUIRED to take part/participate in the Lettermen sponsored Lift-a-thon. This event does not count toward the required two fundraisers.

Service Project/Service Learning: All Lettermen are REQUIRED to volunteer a minimum of one hour for the Elementary School Carnival. If you are unable to volunteer you must find your own replacement. Failure to volunteer or to find your own replacement may exempt you from attending the club activity/trip.

New Memberships: As soon as a sport season is over, new lettermen are eligible to join the club upon paying dues ($7).

Fall- Track, Golf, Baseball from previous school year

Winter- Cross Country, Football

Spring- Basketball, Trapshooting, Wrestling

Attendance Policy

To: Lettermen Members

From: Mr. Pagel/Mr. O’Donnell

Re: Attendance at Lettermen Meetings


            In order for YOUR club to be effective you are expected to attend all scheduled meetings. This is your club so we expect you to take pride in it. You have earned the privilege to be a part of this club. You should be an active participant at all times. You will be allowed twounexcused absences throughout the year. If you cannot attend a meeting you must make prior arrangementswith Mr.O’Donnell or Mr. Pagel in advance of the meeting, or it will be considered as unexcused. After twounexcused absences you will be removed from the Lettermen’s Club. Your dues will be non-refundable. If you have any questions regarding this, please visit with Mr. O’Donnell or Mr. Pagel. Remember that this is your club, so please do YOUR part to help make it better. As stated earlier, you have earned the status of being a Lettermen because of your efforts in various sports/activities. Put forth your best effort for the club as well. Thanks, Mr.O’Donnell and Mr. Pagel

Chickasaw Head