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Honorary Chapter Farmers

 Each year the New Hampton Chapter of the FFA elects to the highest degree that our chapter can offer, that of Honorary Chapter Farmer. Adults who have rendered outstanding service and provided sterling inspiration are awarded this degree for life.  We are proud to list the names of the following who have received the Honorary Chapter Farmer Degree.

Stan Laures
Roger Claypool
Warren Griffin
Tim Klaustermeier
Wilfred Walz
Laura Engel
Everett Frink 
Harley Trewin
Melvin Johnson
Phyllis Welter
Lawrence Bruening
Dr. Wayne Sander
Henry Rabe
Berla Babcock
James Woltz
A.R. Morse
Dennis Boos
Virgil M. Picar
Naomi Cowles
Charlotte Hollis
Darrell Allen
Ira Smith
Gertrude Hintz
Claude Babcock
E.A. Colbert
Gerald Anderson
Tom Ryan
 Louis Fliger Jr.
Joe Palmersheim
Arlin Severson
Dr. A.L. McCrillis 
Melvin Patrie
Richard Leichtman
Don Wallace 
Orville Smith
Clinton Richards
 J.F. Kennedy
Louis Boos
Marjorie Natvig
Herb Davison
Robert Rigler
Donald Rosonke
 Glen Angell
McGrath Brothers
Paul Hassman
 Dr. A.T. Olson
Larry Kurtenbach
New Hampton P.C.A.
 Milton B. Krumm
E.A. Colbert
Dr. Steve Lukes
 Art Borlaug
Bob Ohm
Duane Devine
Al Heinz
John Feuling
William Garner
Mrs. John Kolthoff
Dan Fueling
Paul Bruggermeier
Lee Miller
Harold Rosonke
Tom Frantzen

Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Brus
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Boos Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Brannon
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Glaser
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Drewwlow
Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Ries
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Roethler
Mr. and Mrs.  Richard Schilling
Mr. and Mrs. John Schwickerath
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tiemessen
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Frink
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kriener
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rosonke
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Glaser
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Helling
Mr. and Mrs. George Freidhof
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kuehn
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Anderson
Dr. John Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Reynold Schwickerath
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Holschlag
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schulz
Mr. and Mrs. William Zubrod
Mr. and Mrs. Merle Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Zeien
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Nosbisch
Tom Frantzen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Helling
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kuehn
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Miller
Chickasaw County Pork Producers
Mr. and Mrs. William Hoey
New Hampton Rotary
Alta Vista State Bank
Jason Kolln
Mr. and Mrs. William Sabelka
First Citizens National Bank
Mr. and Mrs. John Strom
First National Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Miller
Lorraine Swenson
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Mai
 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kuhn
Farmers Cooperative
Chickasaw County Farm Bureau
Bev Kolthoff
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Lechtenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Kolthoff

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zeien

Mr. Robert Heisleman

Mr. Richard Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Kim Leichtman
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Kuehn

Agland - Steve McGrath

Paul Rosonke