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Bucket Filling Program

Bucket Filler
Bucket Filling at New Hampton Elementary

The Mission of the Bucket Filling Program
  1. To create a safer, kinder, more respectful culture so that the NHE students can learn.
  2. To create a school community that enables students to grow and thrive with confidence and resilience.
  3. To enable students tp demonstrate the Six Pillars of Character Counts: Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Respect, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship through bucket filling.
  4. To create a positive, supportive workplace for all NHE staff.
  5. To make bucket filling a habit and a way of life, resulting in individuals with full buckets who are healthy meantally, emotinally, and socially.
Curriculum Goals
  1. To teach stuents how to reach out and express love, respect, and appreciation to others.
  2. To help students become other-centered rather than self-centered.
  3. To help students express their feelings (good and bad) in a healthy manner.
  4. To help students understand where feeelings originate and how to protect their feelings from being hurt.
  5. To establish a bucket filling framework for more constructive words and actions and less destructive behaviors, such as bullying.
  6. To help students better understand unkind behaviors and empower potential victims and bystanders, rather than to punish, suspend or ignore the bully behavior.
  7. To create a positive school environment.
  8. To effect a positive home environment.
New Hampton Elementary School Goals
  1. To create a safe, positive, respectful and nuturing environment at NHE, by encouraging staff (administrators, teachers, buss drivers, and other support staff) to understand, experience, and model bucket filling in their daily lives.
  2. To teach staff the bucket filling concept so that they can look for opportunities to connect with children and their emotional needs through sincere, regulat, and inclusive bucket filling and words of appreciation and encouragement.
  3. To keep the message alive through ongoing language, discussion, activites, and reminders.
Family Goals
  1. To encourage students and families to practice the bucke filling concepts at home in order to create a more positive home environment
Bucket Filling Concepts Learned (Further Explanation)
  1. Be a Bucket Filler. (Show kindness and respect to others and to yourself.)
  2. Don't Dip. (Don't criticize, hurt, or bully others.)
  3. Use Your Lid. (Protect your bucket and the buckets of other people.)