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Giant Piggy Bank

Giant Piggy Bank
The Giant Piggy Bank is a New Hampton Elementary entrepreneurial project serving the banking needs of the K - 4 students. The bank is a result of the partnership between New Hampton Elementary and the Security State Bank, which was established in the fall of 1999.

The Giant Piggy Bank is open on Tuesday mornings from 8:05 - 8:25 during the school year. During the summer, students can take their Giant Piggy Bank deposits to the Security State Bank in New Hampton. Each year the K - 4 bank ends up with total deposits of more than  $100,000.

In the spring of the year, third grade students go through the application process and interview to be student bankers as fourth graders. The Giant Piggy Bank employs thirty‐five to forty fourth grade students each year. As bankers, students gain workplace and customer relations skills they can put to use throughout their lives.

Kathy Gruenberg, Security State Bank, works closely with the building principal to deliver the banking service to K - 4 students and to train the student bankers.

The district offers additional banking services to its students through the middle and high school branches of the Chickasaw Savings Bank. At the end of the fourth grade, students’ funds are transferred to the middle school branch of the Chickasaw Savings Bank. A New Hampton student has the opportunity to save a good amount of money from his/her K - 12 affiliations with the district's banks.