The mission of the New Hampton Community School District is to empower all students to succeed in a changing world.

Developed in 1990 by school improvement building representatives.


The vision of the New Hampton Community School District and all stakeholders is to create collaborative partnerships in order to:

  • Create opportunities to enhance the individual growth (physical, intellectual, personal, social, and emotional) and character development of each student.
  • Provide a school climate that welcomes diversity and fosters caring relationships based on mutual respect to create a culture of academic learning.
  • Utilize district standards to create a research-based framework for learning.
  • Continually strive for excellence by encouraging and evaluating innovative practices.
  • Effectively utilize all available resources (financial, human, community, technological and infrastructure).

Developed in 2007-2008 by the School Improvement Advisory Committee


The New Hampton Community School District, through the diverse learning opportunities it provides, teaches students to...

  • read and listen carefully
  • write and speak clearly
  • use mathematics efficiently and accurately
  • locate and use information thoughtfully
  • work cooperatively
  • think scientifically, critically, and creatively
  • model acceptance of diverse cultures and ideas
  • appreciate the aesthetic qualities of the arts and humanities
  • use technology effectively
  • live healthfully
  • act in accordance with the Six Pillars of CHARACTER COUNTS!™(trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship)
  • treat others respectfully, regardless of differences so their lives may be socially productive and personally meaningful.

Developed in January 2000 by the School Improvement Design Team