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Scott Frerichs

Scott Frerichs, about 1 hour ago

For the JV wrestling meet tonight (1/25/2021) we will allow a maximum of 6 people from the household of each wrestler plus two additional spectators who will need to use the wrestling passes that were issued earlier this year. Everyone needs to wear a mask and practice social distancing while sitting in your designated school sections. Wrestlers for each team should also sit in the section with their fans. Thanks for your help in keeping people healthy and allowing us to have these events.

Erica Schmitt

Erica Schmitt, about 4 hours ago

Congratulations to our girls, coaches, and wrestling program for their performance at the Girls' State Wrestling Tournament over the weekend!
132- Bailey Cox 5th
138- Tierney Perkins 8th
145- Claire Quirk 7th

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Kyle Hennessy

Kyle Hennessy, about 6 hours ago

Do you know what it means to be a Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian? How about a semi-vegetarian? Well, Mrs. Schmitt's Foods II students can tell you all about the different types of vegetarians and the health benefits to being a vegetarian. The students made a vegetarian main dish for their lab.

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Brenda Lansing

Brenda Lansing, 3 days ago

Winter Learning Connection

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