Energizing Brain Breaks are quick 1-2 minute activities for your classroom. They take virtually no preparation and no extra materials to perform. Students and audiences of all ages love them. Why do they love them? Because the are fun and make you laugh. They also challenge your brain. Energizing Brain Breaks help you to cross the mid-line of your body, which helps both sides of your brain engage. It is suggested that a teacher use and Energizing Brain Break every 30 minutes with his/her class.

Brain Breaks: Brain Breaks refuel the brain...get the blood flowing and make the brain work more efficiently.

Brain breaks do for your brain what stretching out your muscles does for your body. Brain breaks stretch the brain and get the blood flowing in preparation for some good brainwork.

You know your students need a Brain Break when:

  1. Students are fidgeting instead of concentrating.

  2. Students are having difficulty focusing and engaging in the lesson.

  3. Students are about to change activities involving a different level of thinking.

  4. Students have been sitting or standing in one place for a long time.

  5. Students are transitioning from one content area to another.

Top Reasons Brain Breaks Will Help Student Learning

  • Brain breaks get students up and moving.

  • The best thinking comes right after a brain break.

  • Students can get both sides of the brain working by crossing the midline (when one side crosses over to the other, e.g. the right hand touches the left foot.)

  • Student's efficiency and achievement will rise.

  • Activating the brain helps boost a positive attitude.

  • Activating the brain relieves stress.

  • Body and brain tension goes down

  • Creative ideas are more likely to happen.

  • Stepping back with a brain break will help students step forward.

  • Brain Breaks help you to enjoy the moment.