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The Iowa Department of Education has released a new online report that shows how public schools performed in a new accountability system that meets the Every Student Succeeds Act, a federal education law that replaced the No Child Left Behind Act. 


These new reports are called the “Iowa School Performance Profiles” and include each school’s scores on a variety of accountability measures.  The report shows the school’s overall performance, as well as the performance of subgroups of students, such as students from low-income households.  All three of our schools did very well on the overall scores with each building exceeding the state average overall score.  The state average was 54.91 and the Elementary School scored 57.55, the Middle School scored 56.61, and the High School scored 57.08.      


 Based on these scores, some schools in Iowa have been identified for additional support and improvement (Comprehensive or Targeted).  No New Hampton Schools were identified for Comprehensive Support and the Middle School was identified for Targeted support because of the performance of one of our subgroups of students (students on IEPs).  To address this issue, the Middle School staff will be creating and implementing a plan to address the needs of our IEP students to make sure they make the necessary gains for success after school. 


You can view all of our scores at and see where we’re at in a variety of areas.  These are updated annually. 


This new system of accountability helps with our commitment to continuous and ongoing improvement to make sure we’re providing the best education possible for our students.  It gives us the opportunity to review our strengths and areas of improvement so we can continue to build on the great things happening in New Hampton.